About Us


In recent years teeth whitening has become a huge phenomenon. A whiter, brighter smile is one of the first things that people notice about your appearance. It’s no mystery that whiter teeth make us look better, younger, more attractive, and feel more confident. That is why men and women of all ages are now opting for teeth whitening solutions to improve their smile.

Until recently teeth whitening was only offered at dental offices, and at a high cost for the client. Those treatments have also been known to cause pain and moderate to severe sensitivity and discomfort.

Here at Smile Sciences® we pride ourselves in offering teeth whitening systems and products that are not only safe and effective, but are pain and sensitivity free, and all at a fraction of what you would pay at the dental office.

All of our products are MADE in the USA. All of our products are Hygienist trusted, Dentist Tested and Approved by both. All of our products are FDA registered. We stand behind our products 100%. We take your smile seriously.

Dentist trusted, dentist approved. What are you waiting for? You are just one click away from that white, bright smile you deserve!